It’s possible that this fascination with feet stems from unpleasant childhood memories.

According to neurologist Vilanyanur S. Ramachandran, foot fetishism can develop because the feet and genitals are located in the same part of the brain.

The shape of the feet, on the other hand, may generate an attraction in the brain, according to other theories about why people have an attraction to this part of their body.

People who are attracted to feet are said to have paraphilia — a condition in which they experience sexual arousal for reasons that are unrelated to sex.

As a result, podophilia is defined by experts as the sexual arousal experienced by some people when they see, smell, caress, kiss, lick, or suck their partner’s feet.

From her knee to the man’s mouth, the woman lets a stream of beer flow. He drinks and licks her toes as he stares at her in ecstasy.

Men are four times more likely than women to have paraphilias, according to research. Some scientists believe the reason is due to the fact that men and women have different hormone levels.

What’s The Best Way To Do It?

This fetish is recommended by experts if you’re interested in giving it a try:

1. The First Step Is To Give Yourself A Massage.

2. Touch, caress, lick, sniff, or kiss your partner’s entire foot passionately.

3. Make a small indent on the bottom of your partner’s feet with your fingernail.

4. The foods you enjoy most can be placed on your feet as a plate. Eat them sensually, one at a time.

5. Footjob is a technique for masturbating your partner with your feet, but it must be done delicately and without exerting excessive force.

6. ejaculating on your partner’s feet is an option.

7. foot paraphilia

Because, as Dr. Fernando Rosero, an expert in the field of sexual health says, “we can all like certain things during sex,” it’s crucial to distinguish between a mere sexual taste and something more sinister like paraphilia.

For some people, getting sexual pleasure or arousal is impossible without turning to a fetish.

Podophilia can develop for a variety of reasons, ranging from past experiences to neurological issues.

Getting professional help should be sought if the person begins to rely solely on the fetish for pleasure or if he feels remorse and seeks out the fetish again.

Treatments and medications are available for these types of issues, but it is critical that the person seek treatment as soon as possible.

Some ideas for how to proceed with the foot fetish include the following.

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