Have you ever considered the possibility that your feet could be attractive and even seductive? For the most part, you probably don’t “think about your feet” unless you’re dating someone who does, and especially when it comes to how attractive their feet are as sex objects. If you’ve never had a foot fetish before, you may find yourself thinking more than usual about your (sexy?) Feet and wondering what exactly your partner wants you to do with them.

So, whether you’re dating someone new or you’ve been dating someone for years, there are numerous ways to turn on someone who has an interest in the feet. Here’s some advice on how to captivate someone who’s fascinated by feet, in particular, yours.

Prior To Getting Into The Foot Fetish Game, What Should You Do?

To avoid looking shocked or surprised when your partner tells you what they like, educate yourself on common foot fetish practises.

In terms of activities and aesthetic preferences, foot fetishism spans a wide range. According to BDSM consultant and lifestyle dominatrix Mistress Justine Cross, the type of foot fetish play someone enjoys has a lot to do with hygiene, according to her. “Clean feet and dirty feet” are the two main subcategories of foot fetish, according to the author. If you have big feet or small feet, high arches or certain toe shapes, such as long and thin, round or small, you may have this preference as well.

In terms of what makes foot fetishists go crazy, “this fetish is so diverse that there are no set rules.” Some people use their feet for sexual stimulation, while others enjoy their feet but do not want to use them that way. Even if your partner doesn’t want to touch your toes while you’re fully dressed, he or she may enjoy rubbing some lotion or oil on them while you’re barefoot or admiring your pantyhose feet.

Smelling your feet, gently stroking them, or sucking on your toes are all common ways to turn on your partner. When one partner lies on the floor and the other stands and applies pressure to his face or body, foot fetishists enjoy the sensation of their partner’s feet on their faces, whether it’s a gentle face massage or “trampling,” a form of dominance. Using trampling as a case study, Cross explained that the desire for submission, humiliation, and physical dominance can all be found in foot fetishes.

For whatever reason, you’ve already been made aware of your partner’s predilection for your feet, whether he confessed to it to you or not. The best way to find out what makes someone tick is to ask them a lot of questions and show him that you are curious about what it is that makes them tick.

For those in new relationships or those who are just getting to know each other, it’s understandable if your partner feels uncomfortable talking about their foot fetish even after you’ve told them you want to try it out. The foot fetish is particularly misunderstood: your partner might worry that it will put you off or disgust you, that you think there is something wrong with him or that you reject him. People are often reluctant to share sexual preferences that could be seen as unusual or deviant.

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