However, your partner may enjoy the sensation of your feet on his genitals if you engage in foot worship or other forms of foot play. If both of you agree, you can use well-lubricated feet to caress their genitals, a practise referred to as a footjob in the English language. It’s done by turning your feet inward, as if you’re imitating the position of your hands when you pray. Then, while holding them together, slide them over and over again along their genitals as if you were praying.

Generally, water-based lubes are the best choice, and having a towel on hand will help you avoid any mishaps. Nobody with lubricated feet is allowed in there, because they’ll be embarrassed. This could result in hard-to-remove oil or grease stains on the carpet, which could lead to foot lint, or it could cause a slip and fall on the hardwood or tile floors.

If you want to impress your partner, try putting a toe in one of his sockets. Consider starting out slowly, perhaps by exploring with your fingers. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant, which will be pleasurable for both of you while helping to prevent any cuts or scratches. If your feet or toes end up in the body of another person, cleaning them is especially important.

Take A Few Nudes That Include Your Feet, And Master “The Pose.”

To let your partner know that you really want to turn them on in this particular way, you can submit photos or videos of your sexy feet, whether you live with your foot loving partner or are meeting someone new. It’s okay to take photos of your toes from the top down, but your partner may prefer a photo with your face in it and bright, warm lighting. Adding natural light, even in the form of an illuminated ring, can have a significant impact.

According to Arches, “personally, I enjoy having my face and toes right in front of the camera.” It gives the impression that it is something you enjoy, and your attractive feet benefit as a result.” It completes the picture for them.”

From there, “you have a wide range of options.” You could cross your legs or put one on top of the other or place them side by side, according to her. To add some variety, try flexing your toes, curling your soles of your feet to make lines, or pointing your big toe up as if you were putting your “thumb up” on them. Instead of wearing high heels, try wearing a pair of slippers that show your toes’ small divisions or what might appear to be a “cleavage of the toes.”

From behind, your butt could rest on the soles of his or her feet. Consider whether you’d like to be shown how wide you can spread your toes or how you can pinch them by glueing them to the bottoms of your shoes. Find the angles and positions that excite your partner the most by practising a few.

Still not sure? Try “the pose,” which she described as a surefire hit with most foot fetishists.. “It’s the most beginner-friendly pose there is.” Lean back and lift both of your feet off the floor, bending your knees as you do so. As a result, you’re in a great position to show your face while your feet are teasingly poking out at the side.”

No matter what you choose to do, your partner will be delighted to see that you are making an effort! “In fact, the ‘pose’ isn’t that important,” he said. Keep in mind that, like foot-focused live action, photos and videos are meant to be enjoyed, not perfected.

When you first get involved in someone else’s fetish, you shouldn’t expect to know everything there is to know about it right away. There is a good chance that your partner will be ecstatic (and aroused!). The only reason you’re interested in their fetish is because you want to incorporate it into your sex life. Try your best and have fun at all times.

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