Since many of us were taught as children that “Feet are dirty, they’re gross, don’t bring your feet close to my face,” many people have the automatic reaction described above. scene for foot fetishes called Sweet Arches. When someone expresses a preference for feet, it’s best to be open-minded and forget about your preconceived notions, even if it seems odd (or even somewhat disgusting).

Find out what your partner enjoys by talking to them about it. To get to know your partner’s tastes better and be interested in how we could make that work for us, how do you think we could begin? Next, talk about what makes both of you comfortable or excited before anything actually happens.

Give Your Feet A Little Love And Attention By Taking Much More Care Of Their Cleanliness.

When you aren’t used to thinking of your feet as sexual resources, it’s normal to be self-conscious about how they look. In fact, it’s possible you have no idea what makes your feet enticing, because everyone’s opinion differs. Sweet asserts, “Really, there are tastes for everyone’s feet.” Well-groomed and pedicured feet can turn on some people (or not), while dirty feet turn off others. The soles of their feet may also be a point of preference for them, as may their choice of shoes, socks, or pantyhose.

Invite Your Partner To Give You A Foot Massage.

Ask your partner to give you a foot massage if you want to take your relationship to the next level. As an added bonus, a foot massage helps to dispel any preconceived notions about one’s feet being filthy. While your partner is massaging your feet, keep your gaze fixed on him and express how much you enjoy having your feet massaged. It’s up to you whether you compliment his work, tell him how good he feels, or just sit back and watch.

When you request or give a foot massage, you open the door for a natural continuation of the conversation about your or your partner’s preferences. A new relationship may not have fully explored and revealed all of the partners’ fetishes, so this can be extremely helpful. As your partner is massaging your feet, inquire as to how they smell or taste, and whether or not that excites him. Instead of simply asking, “So what do you like about your feet?” try asking, “So what do you dislike about your feet?” and see if you get a better response. “Not many people want to talk openly and say they like the smell of your feet,” she observed.

Even if things start to get overtly sexual, you can maintain your composure by keeping your gaze on your feet as you make sexual advances. In his fantasies, your partner may wish to express his love for your feet by kissing, licking, stroking, sucking, or by placing his mouth on them. It’s possible he’ll want to feel your feet on various parts of his body, such as his face. For oral sex, I like to instruct my partner on how to lick, kiss, and suck my toes, and compare it to how someone could give me oral sex. “They could just explore each other’s body parts with their feet!” he suggested as an alternative to using your hands.

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