In today’s society, it’s rare that your sexual preferences are kept a secret. Hollywood blockbusters like 50 Shades of Gray and television shows like Jambers and Menno Büch have made it so that the general public knows about most kinks and fetishes.

On the other hand, what exactly is a fetish? A fetish, according to the dictionaries, is an object or a body part that has become a psychological necessity for a person to receive sexual fulfilment.. Although kinks and fetishes are frequently conflated, there is a distinction to be made. In accordance with the official interpretation, getting excited for fetishists requires the presence of a fetish.

In spite of the increased discussion surrounding fetishism, the results are not always positive. Fetishes are frequently a source of amusement, consternation, or surprise for those around them. Even if you’re a die-hard festival goer, the following ten events are likely to be unforgettable. We couldn’t figure out a lot of it, especially number 5. Do you remember which one of these ten facts was the most shocking to you?

  1. Balloons

Looners are people who have a fetish for balloons. The colourful inflatable rubbers provide a sexual high for these unique characters, while the rest of the population uses them as a nice birthday decoration. The way this fetish takes shape varies from person to person. Some kooks enjoy watching someone blow up a balloon until it pops, while fetishists enjoy puncturing balloons or sitting on them until they pop.

Psychologically, a fetish for looning isn’t all that surprising. Many fetishes revolve around the rush of adrenaline experienced by lunatics when a balloon is popped. Anxiety or even fear builds before the balloon bursts, followed by a sigh of relief when it does.

2. Human Furniture

While it has appeared in a few films, it was never used as a creative set builder: The fetish of human furniture (also known as fornifelie) is real. As a form of extreme bondage, fornifelie requires the wearer to be held in place as if they were a piece of furniture thanks to a great deal of discipline or accessories that constrain them.

3. Teddy Bears, Of Course!

It may sound like going straight to the doctor when you hear the term Ursusa galmatophelia, but this medical term actually describes a sexual attraction to teddy bears. An all-cuddly toy (plush elie) or furry lifestyle-related fetish, called ursusa galmatophelia, involves experiencing sexual arousal because of the cuddly bear that likely slept with you as a child (or is otherwise associated with the furry lifestyle).

This fetish was first brought to light when an American man named Charles Marshall was caught on camera’making love’ with a stuffed bear in public. Many fetishists, however, prefer to engage in their particular interest in a private setting.

4. Formicophilia and zoofelia 

Formicophilia and zoofelia, or the desire to have sex with animals, are closely linked. Formicophilia, on the other hand, is sparked by the thought of being crawled over by insects or other small animals, or even being bitten. Having ants walk on one’s foot or having a snail crawl over one’s arm excites a formicophile.

5. Hierofelia 

Hierofelia is a term used to describe a person’s sexual desire for religious or holy objects. Any religious object can arouse hierophiles, whether it’s a specific one or a collection. It’s also possible that the fervour is restricted to a single religion, in most cases Christianity.

6. Stick-Stick 

Many different topics can be the focus of Agalmatophilia, but it is most commonly associated with mannequins and dolls, especially in children. It can, however, target human-like statues or even robots if one has the fetish for them. The allure seems to be that the fetish’s subject is and remains motionless at all times. To what extent this festival is celebrated depends on the fetishist, with some wanting to become statues themselves while others want to have sex with the statues.

7. Crushing

This festival frequently comes to mind when discussing bizarre celebrations. Small objects, insects, and other critters being crushed with the body appeals to fetishists. Since small animals, such as rabbits and cats (among other things), are the most extreme case, this has led to negative press and public perceptions of this fetish. This fetish is outlawed in many countries.

8. Mugging

For some people, even though the idea of being the victim of an armed robbery is horrifying, the idea of it being sexually stimulating is appealing. It’s a fetish to be mugged, which is similar to the fetish for balloons, as Chrmasistotelie is for being mugged. Most of the thrill comes from the adrenaline in both cases, but helplessness and submission also play a part.

9: Armpits

Maschalagnie is a sexual arousal fetish in which you are aroused by the feeling of being touched by someone’s armpit. Armpits elicit feelings of sexual arousal for a variety of reasons including smell, touch, or even the way they look. A fetishist may have a preference for a particular type of armpit, but any armpit will do in some situations. Old folktales and poetry from hundreds of years ago often mention this particular preference, so it appears to have been around for a while.

10. An accident is in a small corner

Symphorophery falls under the category of unethical fetishes. When you witness or set up a tragic event, you get sexually aroused. The fetish’s exact focus can range from car accidents to natural disasters, but adrenaline appears to be the primary motivator in all of these instances. Crash, the bizarre 1996 film directed by David Cronenberg, popularised this fetish. In this film, people are sexually aroused as a result of being in car accidents.

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